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1. Check the delivery pressure of the brake valve that should be min 6 bar.( Fig. 1-a)

2. Clean splined end of the S- cam shaft using a wire brush ( Fig. 1-b)

3. Lubricate splined end of the S-cam shaft with lithium based grease. ( Fig. 1-c)

4. Install the brake adjuster onto the S-cam shaft. ( Fig. 2-a)

5. Turn the brake adjuster right side with ring spanner and place it into push rod yoke .( Fig. 2- b )

6. Lubricate the push rod yoke pin and install. ( Fig. 2-c)

7. Install washers, lining wear indicator, snap ring and return spring. ( Fig. 3-a)

8. Install anchor bracket of the brake adjuster. Make sure clearance between cover plate and snap ring is 0.5-2.0 mm. (Fig. 3-b).

9. Note that the control arm fixed straight. ( Fig. 3-c)

10. Align control arm with the mark on the cover plate .( Fig. 3-d)

11. Tighten the bolts of anchor bracket as shown in the figure. ( Fig.4 )

12. With a ring spanner, turn hexagon end of worm shaft of the brake adjuster in direction of the arrow until brake linings pressed against the drum. ( Fig.5)

13. Back off the hexagon end in direction of the arrow by ¾ of turn. ( Fig.6 )
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