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The brake is driven with air. The air filled in the brake blower activates the blower. Being activated by the air, the blower drives the Brake Adjuster. Being co-activated, the S-arm drives the Brake Blocks.

Thus, braking process has been completed when the brake linings have become worn and torn in time, the movement of Brake Adjusters do not reach enough for braking. At this point, Automatic Brake Adjuster imposes itself into the operation circuit.

Automatic Brake Adjuster adjusts the clearance distance formed between the drum and linings and secures a safe braking result. The brake adjusters are adjustable for different variety of vehicles, by using suitable arm forms, and thus, they can be used wherever S-Camshafts are utilized. Automatic Brake Adjusters do automatically secures that the clearance between the linings and drum is kept fixed and unchanging. They keep the stroke of blower shorter, resultantly air consumption becomes less.

Automatic Brake Adjusters cause braking dynamism to function more regularly. Braking effect is rapid and safe. Braking on all whells are achieved in safe arrargement and harmony. Automatic Adjustment mechanism of the Brake Adjusters are covered for protection against dust end external knocks and strokes. The braking balance of the vehicle is maintained by brake adjusters.

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The brake is driven with air. The air filled in the brake blower activates the blower. More >>
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