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Our Mission:
    Professional capacity,dedication,and innovation
    Engaged in the quality products,to be the supplier of both excellent products and services
    Quality of service is the eternal purpose of 
    So that is the continuous pursuit of customer satisfaction 
    Exceed customer needs
    Is a juan impetus to continuous improvement

Business philosophy:
    competition and innovation. Keep ahead of other competitors
    Believing science:Expand the enterprise by technology,manage it with credit
    Warm service uppermost.Befriend the customers

Quality policy:
    Staff believes in innovation.Be adapted to the international competition.
    Beyond the customers'requirements.Be the top rank of the field

Quality target:
    The company long---term goal(realize in three years)
    Product comprehensive passing rate is 98%
    The first random sample passing rate of semi—finished products is 99.2%
    The first random sample passing rate of finished products is 99.6%
    Customer complaint rate is 0.01%
    Customer comprehensive satisfaction is85%
    Product leaveing factory passing rate is 100%

Tem spirit:
    We promisted to be an emotional,grateful,and giving group
    We sincerely hope to offer the best products and service to our new customers as well
    as customers who have already established relationship with us.I wound like to express my heart-felt thanks to our friends for their support and trust as always.
    Your favor has increased our more confidence.

Your doing things must be diligent,
And your being a human being must be sincere.
If you have these two treasures,
Though you can not be rich and noble
You have been in an invincible position.
If we lack knowledge,we will turn to hard work;
If we lack ability,we will turn to industrious practise;
If we lack experience,we will accumulate step by step;
If we lack quality, we will accomplish,nothing.

Add:Fengqiao lndustrial Area,ZhujiCity,Zhejiang,China
Tel: 0086-575-87628536
Fax: 0086-575-87422272
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